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Digital Media and Graphic Design

Digital Media and Graphic Design provides a foundation for the modern digital creator. Digital Media 10 is a prerequisite for both Photography and Graphic Arts. The aim of this course is to equip students with the design fundamentals to use digital mediums to convey messages. 

Course Pathways

Course Descriptors

Digital Media 10

Students will have the opportunity to explore many different categories of the communication technologies industry including Photography, Graphic Design, Audio and Video Editing. This is a Prerequisite to the Photography 20 and the Graphic Design 20 courses. 

Graphic Design 20

This course focuses on solving design problems using typography and illustration while exploring advertising, marketing, identity design, web design and packaging. Students utilize Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and maintain a portfolio of their work throughout the course. The prerequisite for this course is Digital Media 10.

Graphic Design 30

This course focuses on combining personally generated digital imagery with type and photos to solve increasingly complex visual problems. Intermediate design/compositional strategies will be explored to create a variety of projects including the creation of logos, poster design and page layouts.