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International Languages

Taking a second language widens your knowledge of other countries and cultures, and it immerses you into subjects that you may not otherwise lean about in regular classes

Why take a second language?

Taking a second language course provides you with opportunities to see other countries!!! I'm going to Spain for an exchange trip next year!!

~ Jillian Nieberding, LOHS Legend

Taking a second language can open much more opportunities towards someone's future, from universities to interacting with different cultured people or traveling. 

~ Garim Lee, LOHS Legend

Learning a language leads to new adventures, new people, and new loves to be discovered. 

~ Sarenna Lalani, LOHS Legend

I am currently in my last year of Neuroscience at the University of Alberta. Despite being a science student, pursuing languages both in high school and university has done nothing but open doors for me. These classes gave me the opportunity to interact one-on-one with professors and classmates in a small classroom environment, and proved me invaluable opportunities to communicate with people I have met abroad. 

~ Alexis Katzell, LOHS Alumnus

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