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Career and Technology Studies (CTS)

Career and Technology Studies (CTS) allows high school students to explore interests outside of the core courses. Many CTS courses provide skills for student to achieve success in the workplace or in post-secondary. Whether it is lifestyle and trade skills such as Foods, Fashion and ConstructionDigital Media and Graphic Design skills such as and Photography and Graphic Design; or technology skills such as Computing Science, Robotics and Design needed for post-secondary, there is something for everyone!

CTS Modules vs. Course Units

Courses in CTS award credits differently than traditional courses. Most high school courses are 3 or 5 credit courses where the amount of credits match closely with the number of units. For example, Science 10 is a 5 credit course with four units: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Climate Change. If a student achieves an overall average of 50% or higher in Science 10, 5 credits is awarded. However, for content flexibility, CTS courses do not have units. Instead, a CTS course aggregates several unit-sized 1-credit courses called modules. Therefore, the 5 credit course Computing Science 10 aggregates five 1 credit modules: Computer Science 1, Programming 1, Programming 2, Website Design 1, and Individual Project A. Students must achieve 50% or higher in each module to receive all five credits. Because grades are awarded per module, an overall grade is the average of all course modules.