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 A course for students to develop basic woodworking skills where students learn about the safe use of hand and power tools, equipment, and materials to create a number of projects. In addition, the language of industry and technology will be presented. 

Course Pathways

Course Descriptors

Construction 10

Students are safely introduced to both hand and power tools as well as the proper use of various woodworking machines. Student’s experience at the beginner level includes: cabinetry/furniture making, and carpentry/residential home construction. Very hands on! No experience necessary.

Construction 20

A more specific experience of your choice. Students choose between Carpentry/ residential home construction, and Cabinetry/furniture making. Intermediate level students learn about specific cabinet joinery and processes or focus more on residential home framing techniques.

Construction 30

Advanced level experience in either Carpentry or Cabinetry gives you the skillset and confidence that stands out for employment in industry and beyond.