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Student Life

Lillian Osborne High School provides ample opportunities for students to engage with their peers, teachers and the wider community. Whether it is through clubs, school-wide events, fundraising initiatives or peer to peer assistance, there is something for everyone to engage with, and find their passion through.

Student Activities

Our school is dedicated to creating the best experience possible for all Lillian Osborne students. Student council hosts weekly events that build positive school culture and generate Legendary school spirit. In addition, Osborne students can explore diverse interests, make new friends and discover new passions through our numerous student clubs. With over 40 different clubs meeting at various times throughout the week, there is something to check out everyday. Students will have the opportunity to see all that Osborne has to offer during our “Club Sampler” week, where members showcase their clubs and recruit new members. A full list of clubs and school-wide activities is available on the Clubs and Activities tab.

Student Services

With an professional team of counsellors, support staff, a success coach and AHS employees, student services aims to provide all Legends with the tools they need for success. Whether through post-secondary advice or planning, coping strategies, increased mindfulness or a listening ear, their goal is to help all students reach their potential. A list of services is available in the Student Services tab.