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The goals of all three course sequences are to provide prerequisite attitudes, knowledge, skills and understandings for specific post-secondary programs or direct entry into the work force. All three course sequences provide students with mathematical understandings and critical-thinking skills. It is the choice of topics through which those understandings and skills are developed that varies among course sequences. When choosing a course sequence, students should consider their interests, both current and future. Students, parents and educators are encouraged to research the admission requirements for post-secondary programs of study as they vary by institution and by year.

Specialized Course Descriptions

Mathematics 15

Mathematics 15 is a preparatory course for Math 10 C.  It will review the concepts learned in Junior High that are a foundation to future math courses and introduce some of the main ideas of Math 10 C.  Some of the main concepts will include polynomials, exponents, algebra and graphing.   It is a rigorous course that is geared to students with marks between 50% and 65% or a C letter grade.  There is a significant jump in difficulty from junior high math to senior high math, so it is ideal for students that want to start high school math with increased math skills.  This course is taken in semester one of grade 10, followed by Math 10 C in the second semester.  

Course Pathways