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Fashion Studies

Develop your sewing skills while choosing, designing, and focusing on projects that you are passionate about and inspire you. From athletic wear to swimwear, students are given the opportunity to master their individual sewing skills and pursue personal interests throughout the course. Success looks different for each student; individual student needs will be supported regardless of sewing level and experience. Come learn about the fashion industry locally and abroad while mastering a lifelong skill.

Fashion Studies is part of Campus EPSB. To learn more, head to the Campus EPSB page

Course Pathways

Course Descriptors

Fashion 10

Students will master the basics of sewing within the first month of this course. They will be given the opportunity to choose from a variety of projects such as hoodies, joggers, pajamas, onesies, swimsuits, dresses, and individually designed projects. Students will have the flexibility on which projects they will make in this course. 

Fashion 20

Having mastered basic sewing skills, students will continue to develop their knowledge with intermediate projects of their choosing. Students will also begin to explore career pathways in the fashion industry. Instruction will be geared towards the individual interests and experience of the participants. Projects may include: working with specialty fabrics, digitally designing custom patterns, recreating your favourite designer’s styles, and incorporating your individuality into your projects.

Fashion 30

Students will research, design, and execute specialty fashion projects of their choosing with teacher guidance and support. In previous years, students have designed and sewn silk camisoles, bodysuits, gowns, formal wear, puffer coats, moto jackets, and more. Students are encouraged and supported with the design and execution of their individual projects and interests. Students who are interested in the fashion industry as a career will be supported as they explore their career options in curating and creating fashion.