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Musical Theatre

Become a triple threat at Lillian Osborne! Our Musical Theatre program teaches students the fundamentals of acting, singing and dancing within the context of the production of a Broadway-style musical, with a focus on proper rehearsal procedures, ensemble, and creative expression. Our Musical Theatre productions are true spectacles that bring the community together to celebrate the incredible achievements of our troupe!

Course Pathways

Course Descriptors

Musical Theatre 15

This course allows students to develop their musical talents through a theatre experience.  Emphasis is placed on developing an ensemble approach to theatrical rehearsal and performance, while enhancing individual vocal and movement techniques. The expression of character through acting, song, and dance, is also developed.

Musical Theatre 25

This course provides students the opportunity to develop their musical talents through a theatre experience. Emphasis is placed on the development of individual vocal technique, and the ability to sing in parts. Students will develop an appreciation of teamwork that will help them develop for school and/or community performances.

Musical Theatre 35

This course is the course that completes the enrichment of all previous courses. It is designed to extend the challenge of performance including the directing of musical theatre showcases for school and community performances.