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Drama 10, 20, and 30 are courses designed to develop skills in acting, directing, script writing, improvisation, and so much more. Whether it’s the creation of short improvised scenes or the rehearsal process for a play, Drama is designed to expand the scope of a student’s knowledge of the theatre in a non-threatening, supportive environment. Students will perform a number of scenes and shows in both in-class settings as well as for the general public.

Course Pathways

Course Descriptors

Drama 10

This course is designed to educate the whole person through active participation in movement, speech, and improvisation. This course introduces technical theatre studies, theatre history, and scene study.

Drama 20

This course will include an in depth exploration of dramatic disciplines. The emphasis will be on the acting process and the study and exploration of playwriting. The theatre experience of the critic will also be explored. Students will be given the opportunity to develop the analytical, organizational, communicative and critical skills required of a director.

Drama 30

This course is the culminating study that builds upon all previous experiences with the active application of the director’s role in theatrical creation for school and community performances. It includes continued study of design, technical theatre and theatre history