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Social Studies

Social Studies provides opportunities for students to be challenged to become critical thinkers who can engage with the world around them through the development of skills and knowledge to become an informed, responsible and engaged member of our society. Through challenging students to acquire new knowledge and communication skills, our students are better equipped to participate fully in a pluralistic democratic society. With this newly acquired knowledge, skills and attitudes, students are able to develop a sense of self, community, resilience, and understanding to affirm their place as a citizen in an inclusive democratic community.

Specialized Course Descriptions

Aboriginal Studies 30

This class will provide a further understanding of Aboriginal culture, identity and community practice through in-depth study and practical experiences. This course is offered in addition to Grade 12 Social Studies courses and can be used for Post-Secondary entrance requirements.

Course Pathways

Course Descriptions

Grade 10

Students will develop their skills in writing and communication through the investigation and understanding of global interconnections.

Grade 11

Students will hone their writing and communication skills through acquiring knowledge of nations and nation-building.

Grade 12

Students will skillfully apply their writing and communication skills through an in-depth study of the origin and history of ideologies. 

History 20/30 IB

This two year course explores European history starting from 1871 including the causes, origins and events of the First World War, the Inter-war Era, and the causes, origins and events of the Second World War.