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Choral Music

A performance based course that is for all that enjoy singing. Lillian Osborne Choral Music is a non-auditioned singing group that performs within the school and community. This course provides students with foundation and advancement level skills pertaining to voice in a choral setting. Objectives include proper vocal health and use, preparation of songs in a variety of genres, and musical theory. 

Course Pathways

Course Descriptors

Choral Music 10

Allows students to develop an appreciation and enjoyment of music as a source of personal fulfillment and cultural expression. Students learn to interpret rhythm, melody, harmony, and form through singing. Students also learn to develop proper singing techniques throughout the course to better their vocal instrument. 

Choral Music 20

This course provides students the opportunity to develop their musical talents through the enjoyment and expression fo music. Emphasis is placed ant he development of individual vocal technique, and the ability to sing in parts. Students will develop an appreciation of teamwork that will help them in school and community performances. 

Choral Music 30

This course is an enrichment of all previous courses. It is designed to extend the challenge of performance including directing vocal sectionals and taking a leadership role within the assigned vocal groups.