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Leadership, Character and Social Responsibility

Leadership, Character and Responsibility 15-25-35 is a 15 credit course series that has been offered at Lillian Osborne since 2017. Leadership, Character and Social Responsibility 15-25-35, or “Character Education” as it is colloquially known at LOHS, is designed to provide students with opportunities to explore leadership, develop leadership skills and abilities, and to grow and develop as individuals while making a difference in their school and community. This courses series provides students with guided opportunities to learn and grow as leaders and to develop a stronger sense of their social responsibility. Leadership, Character and Social Responsibility 15-25-35 is designed to develop essential leadership knowledge and skills with a focus on development of character. Outcomes from this course series focus on the development of key values, attitudes, and ethics for leadership and for responsible citizenship in the future. Unlike other leadership modules and courses, the focus of this course series is on developing an engaged thinker, ethical citizen, and morally responsible and social individual.

Character Education is delivered as a seminar-based course that runs over the course of the school year. Throughout the year, students will participate in 5 Character Education seminars, balanced between first and second semesters. These seminars take place during normally scheduled class times.

Lillian Osborne is unique in that all grade 10 students are enrolled in Character Education 15 as a mandatory part of their grade 10 course-load. The 25 and 35 levels of Character Education are available to students in grade 11 and 12 as optional courses. In Character Education 25 & 35, students continue to develop their leadership skills and abilities by playing an integral role in delivering curricular content to Character Education 15 students. Furthermore, students enrolled in all levels of Character Education are expected to complete 50 hours of community volunteer service over the course of the school year. Opportunities for volunteerism are frequently advertised and offered through Character Education Google Classroom notifications and LOHS school announcements (now LOHS TV).

Course Pathways

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