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ALERT: Schools remain closed to students and visitors. Instruction moves to distance and online learning.

Schools remain closed to students and visitors. Instruction moves to distance and online learning. Learn more. 


Students Currently attending an EPSB School

District Information

Before you start, visit EPSB's High School Registration page. It contains information about choosing a school, how to register in a school, and links to open house dates and extra information. If you would like a printable guide, print EPSB's High School Guide

Lillian Osborne Catchment Boundary

Students within the designated area are guaranteed enrollment at Lillian Osborne High School provided they pre-enrol by the deadline. Please note, proof of address documentation is part of the enrollment application.

Check whether your current address is within Lillian Osborne's enrollment boundary by using EPSB's Find a School tool.

Outside Enrollment Boundary

Students outside the enrollment boundary are still able to register/pre-enroll at Lillian Osborne High School. A student may choose to attend any other school in the District, as long as:

  • The school has available space
  • The student meets any entrance criteria of that school

If the number of students who want to attend a school or program exceeds the available space, applicants from outside the school’s designated attendance area will be chosen by random selection.

Lillian Obsorne High School Pre-Enrollment

We ask all families to pre-enrol, even if your child is continuing at the same school or same program. Knowing how many students to expect helps each school prepare for September.

The instructions for pre-enrolling students is found at EPSB's Current Student Pre-enrollment page.

Once pre-enrollment is complete, students must select courses for their upcoming year. 

Course Selection

Students who are NOT currently attending Lillian Osborne High School but have selected it as their school of choice for next year must select their courses for the next year. 

Staff are visiting many Junior high Schools to assist grade 9 students with course selection. 

If Lillian Osborne staff are not visiting your current school, please attend one of our drop in pre-enrollment and course selection sessions

Visit the Course Selection page for courses and programs offered at Lillian Osborne and tools to select courses. 


Thank you for pre-enrolling your child at Lillian Osborne High School! We look forward to welcoming students in September!

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